Le 20 Mars is a Paris-based contemporary womenswear label which inspired by strong women who dare to express themselves and who appreciate unexpected.


Le 20 Mars uniquely bridges modern approach and classic tailoring which is deeply rooted in masterly knowledge of classic tailoring by deconstructing traditional ideas in womenswear, and largely take their inspiration from the youth and street culture to use fabric and tell stories.


Le 20 Mars associated with the blend of masculine and feminine. In our 19AW collection, we deconstruct the men's classic tailors into street womenswear where they shatter old notions to create new silhouettes. Le 20 Mars want to aim to build an engagement relationship with followers because we believe that clothes are not only for functional also for pursuing self-happiness. LE 20 MARS designs with various possibilities of style, the wearer can find and create their own images. LE 20 MARS swim against the tide to create a long-lasting design for individual express themselves through fashion.

Le 20 Mars avant design and classicism with its precise tailoring will no doubt be a fresh force in the evolution womenswear.

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